The ScanPyramids Project Colloquium

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Venerdì 11 gennaio 2019, ore 14.00, Aula Caianiello del 
Dipartimento di Fisica Ettore Pancini
Hany Helal, Vice-president & co-founder of
The Heritage Innovation Preservation Institute,
Professor at the Faculty of Engineering of the  Cairo University,
Former Minister of Higher Education & Scientific Research of the Arab Republic of Egypt
terrà un seminario dal titolo:
"Could New Technologies reveal 4500 years' mystery of the Great Pyramid of Egypt Cheops?
The ScanPyramids Project"
Just because a mystery is 4500 years old doesn't mean it can't be solved.
Many theories and hypotheses have been published trying to understand how the Great Pyramid of Egypt ‘Cheops' was built. None of them has been proved so far.
Could New Technologies reveal the mystery of one of the Seven World Wonders? This is what ScanPyramids project is about.
It is a multinational project (Egypt, Japan, France and Canada) using the most recent non-invasive and non-destructive techniques to "look" through the Pyramids and detect unknown significant voids. Infrared thermography, Muography and 3D Reconstruction, Modeling and Simulation are used to complement each other.
Two main discoveries have been confirmed and published, one on the north entrance of the Pyramid and the second is a Big Void above the grand Gallery.
Il seminario è a cura del Dipartimento di Fisica Ettore Pancini, dell'INFN sezione di Napoli e del CNR
Giulio Saracino
Paolo Strolin


Data: 11/01/2019