Physics of the Universe

Sezione Fisica dell'Universo

Coordinator Prof. Maurizio PAOLILLO


The "Physics of the Universe" Group brings together researchers from the Department of Physics, in the areas of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Theoretical and Observational Cosmology, Gravity Physics, Geophysics and SeismologyPhysics of the Environment and Plasma Physics, and belonging to the Scientific Disciplinary Sectors FIS/02, FIS/03, FIS/05 and FIS/06. The Group currently includes 4 Full Professors (S. Capozziello, G. Longo, F. Macchiato, A. Zollo), 4 Associate Professors (G. Cristofano, R. Fedele, G. Festa, M. Paolillo), 4 University Researchers (G. Covone, A. Emolo, E. Piedipalumbo, G. Russo), 1 type B (tenure-track) and 1 type A (non tenure-track) Researchers (M.Picozzi, S.Cavuoti) and 1 Emeritus Professor (M.Capaccioli). The Group also includes about twenty Research Fellows and PhD students.

The Group works in strong synergy with Public Research Institutions such as INAF, INFN, INGV, CNR (SPIN, Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis), ASI, and works in close collaboration with members of other Groups the Physics Department in the fields of Theoretical Physics, Gravitational Physics, Astrophysics, Cosmology, Plasma Physics etc.

The Group as a whole has a high scientific production, with a total of over 300 publications in the last three years, of which 200 in peer-reviewed journals and several Book chapters, with an average contribution of about 5 peer-reviewed articles/year/person. In addition the numerous interventions as speaker (also by invitation) to national and international conferences, the Organization of Conferences and Congresses (also as chair of SOC), the numerous scientific positions held by the members of the Group (SIGRAV Presidency) , Research Associate at the Caltech, National Delegate for COST actions, Senior Scientist ASI etc.) ensure that the Group has a strong involvement in projects of international impact. In the last three years the members of the Group have obtained National and European funding, the amount of which exceeds 700 thousand euros. The members of the Group also manage the RISS (Real-time Innovative Solutions for Seismology) Spin-off. We emphasise that all the research activities are carried out within wide and prestigious international collaborations where the Group members occupy positions of responsibility.

Details on the research activities of the Physics of the Universe Group (In Italian)

From the point of view of the educational activities, 2 of the curricula of the Master's Degree in Physics of the Department, with a strong attractiveness for the enrolment of Students in the Physics degree, are based mainly on the skills present in the Group. The members of the Group also teach courses in the first level Laurea Degree in Physics as well as courses in the CdS in Agriculture, Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Management Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Geological and Veterinary Sciences, as well as two MOOC courses on the portal (Earthquake Seismology, Physics of Galaxies). In the last three years the Group has followed about sixty Bachelor's and Master's Degree Thesis, has provided several PhD courses for the PhD in Fundamental and Applied Physics, has supported the Ph.D. in Seismic Risk (with administrative headquarters at our University) and participated in the doctorate consortium in Geophysics (with administrative headquarters at the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna). Today we are involved in the PhD in Structural Engineering and Geotechnical and Seismic Risk of our University. The members of the Group are the representatives of various bilateral agreements with foreign universities and Erasmus programs that have an impact on the internationalization parameters of the University, and promoted an initiative within the "Messengers of Knowledge" program of MIUR. There were numerous outreach (Third Mission) initiatives that involved the Group at the Departmental and University level.