Multimedia Big Data Management and Processing at UNINA. Research and Open Issues

Prof. Antonio Picariello BANNER

Interdisciplinary Lectures in Data Science Aula Caianiello

del Dipartimento di Fisica Ettore Pancini

Complesso Universitario di Monte Sant'Angelo

Il giorno 6 dicembre 2018, alle ore 15.00, alla presenza del Magnifico Rettore Prof. Gaetano Manfredi, il Prof. Antonio Picariello dell'Università Federico II terrà  il seminario dal titolo:


"Multimedia Big Data Management and Processing at UNINA. Research and Open Issues"



Nowadays, the volume of data produced in the world is humongous and largely exceeds the reach of commonly used hardware environments and software tools (i. e. data base) to capture, manage and process it in a tolerable time.
This  is true for a large number of application domains, such as particle physics and astronomy, with their exa-scale data volumes, life sciences with low-cost genome sequencing and advanced imaging technologies, or internet of things and online social networks, just to make few examples.
All this, is pushing forward the limits of conventional data storage, processing and analysis.

In addition, Big Data is also complex and heterogeneous, naturally based on multimedia sources, offering a chance to extract and produce new useful knowledge in all aspects of the human endeavour.  In this lecture, research topics on novel data models, computational architectures for big data and analytics @UNINA - DIETI will be presented, showing problems & solutions of infrastructures useful for Data Engineers and Data Scientists.


Data: 06/12/2018