The call for positions in the PhD program in Quantum Technologies (35th cycle) is currently open: deadline for applications will be on August 2nd, 2019



Selection process and requirements

The admission to PhD at the Department of Physics of the University of Naples Federico II (jointly with University of Camerino and CNR - Italian National Research Council) requires passing a selection based on the assessment of academic qualifications and an oral examination (in Italian or English).

There will be a pre-selection committee that will shortlist the applicants to be interviewed on the base of their CV, qualifications (MS Diploma, or an equivalent degree in a subject related to the PhD program, is usually required for admission: however, a qualified four-year bachelor might also be considered sufficient) and references (candidates are asked to provide the names and contact information of at least two faculty members who can furnish a letter of reference). The shortlisted candidates will be invited for an oral examination or interviewed by web-conference (e.g. Skype).

How to apply

Full text of the call for PhD Programs at the University of Naples "Federico II", the file "Attachment A" (listing all the PhD programs), and the list of PhD Programs with open positions for foreigners are available on the website

(please, set previously your browser in English).

The application form must be filled directly in that website, then it must be printed out and sent to the email account attaching the scanned version of the following documents:

1)  University degrees. Attach both of the following items:

  •  Official certificate issued by the University of each the relevant degrees obtained (e.g., bachelor, master or equivalent), including the indication of the specific study program attended and of all the examinations taken. If these certificates are not in one of the following languages: either Italian, English, French, Spanish or German, then you will have to add a legal translation into one of these languages (warning: to be legal, the translation must be confirmed by your local Italian Embassy or Consulate as "faithful to the original").
  • Academic curriculum vitae, including a list of all courses and examinations taken, with a short description of their contents and with the corresponding marks obtained. Include also a brief explanation of the grading system used in your country/university and, if possible, information about the grade statistical distribution (e.g., the percentile of students obtaining that grade or higher).

2) References. Please include in your message the names and contact information of at least two faculty members who can furnish a letter of reference for you.

3) Curriculum vitae

4) Further scientific/academic qualifications and information that in your judgment should be taken into account, such as (note: none of the following items is mandatory for applying):

  • List of scientific publications, if any.
  • List of grants, fellowships or studentships obtained for attending a PhD program or to carry out study and research, indicating the starting date, the duration and the amount awarded.
  • Post-graduate degrees obtained, if any (excluding those already reported above.
  • Academic/scientific/study awards.
  • Score of any standard test used for admission in University programs at various levels in your country and internationally, adding the contact information (link, e-mails, etc.) of the Organizations which may eventually certify to us your test results [particularly valuable for us are GRE-general [and GRE-Physics or similar for the present call] - tests (GRE = Graduate Record Examination, see its web-site for information). Note: if you have taken these tests, besides mentioning your scores for each separate section of the test (e.g., verbal, quantitative, analytical writing), ask also GRE organization to send the scores directly to us, using our institution code: 7133]
  • a brief statement (maximum 1 page) about your scientific interests you would like to pursue.

The 35th cycle of the program in Quantum Technologies offers 11 positions (9 funded with academic grants).




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