Bachelor's Degree in Optic and Optometry

Bachelor's degree in Optic and Optometry lasts three years and belongs to the degree's class of Science and Technology Science. The degree of is meant for the training of professional opticians and optometrists  and in part of the European teaching system in the field.
This Bachelor's degree introduces the students to the classical and modern physics, as well as to knowledges and know-how needed in professions in optometry, contactology and in industrial processes which relies on o develop optical systems.
The students will be able to enter and practice in suitable laboratories equipped with Optic/Optometric instrumentation with the scope of improve know-how in the field. Part of the degree is also a traineeship by companies, clinical or hospitals.
The multidisciplinary study plan spans between basic courses (math, physics informatic and chemistry), specific courses (optic, optometry, contactology) and supplementary (biology, medicine).

Enter Optic and Optoetry Bachelor's degree in 2022/2023