The PhD course in Computational Intelligence has the main objective of training future protagonists of research and innovation in the field of theory, design and implementation of intelligent systems, and preparing them to face important innovation challenges both in industrial and in scientific institutions and research centers.

In this scenario, the mathematical and statistical bases will allow the PhD student to deepen their skills in the field of mathematical and statistical methods and models useful for understanding and designing computational intelligence techniques: algebra, geometry, optimization and algorithms that use approximation numerical to solve complex mathematical problems, statistical methods and models for learning, statistical tests for the validation of computational intelligence algorithms. The physical bases will allow the PhD student to acquire knowledge related to the design techniques of automatic computing systems, both classical and quantum, for computational intelligence with particular attention to the following areas: electronics, photonics and superconductivity.

Finally, the informatic layer will allow the PhD student to complete his knowledge in the field of computer theories and methodologies and techniques necessary for the design of efficient systems for computational intelligence: machine learning algorithms, automatic reasoning techniques, bio optimization techniques -inspired, problem-solving techniques, theory of complexity and computability, distributed systems and algorithms, high-performance computing systems, architectures for efficient data management. These techniques can be studied using both classical and quantum computational tools.

An approach like the one described will allow each PhD student to acquire the necessary skills to carry out high-level research activities and to lay the foundations for obtaining original and significant results in terms of scientific publications and industrial applications.


Most recent call

The ''ordinary'' call for admission to the 39th cycle of the

PhD in Computational Intelligence

has been published  on July 3rd, 2023.


The deadline for submitting applications

– which will be carried out exclusively electronically –

is set for August 2nd, 2023 (at 3.00 pm, CEST)


The text of the announcement and its attachment, as well as the guidelines for proceeding with the filling and forwarding of the applications (it is recommended to carefully read all these documents) are available  at the link


Those already in possession of a master's/specialist degree, or able to obtain this academic qualification (or equivalent diploma) by 31 October 2023 will be admitted to the doctorate.

The selection will include the evaluation of qualifications and a research project / statement of purpose followed - for those who have successfully passed this first phase of the selection - by an oral test.