Troubles in cosmology and the Gauss-Bonnet alternative

Il giorno 1 luglio 2019, ore 14.30, nelle aule 2G26 e 2G27, la dottoressa Micol Benetti -assegnista di tipologia A- terrà un
seminario sull'attività svolta a conclusione della sua annualità.
"Troubles in cosmology and the Gauss-Bonnet alternative"
In the last few decades, the increasing accuracy of cosmological data has greatly improved our knowledge of the composition and evolution of the universe, leading to important confirmations of both the theory of General Relativity and the standard cosmological model. The current level of observation sensitivity, however, also show the presence of some important troubles that, when combined with the current lack of direct or indirect detection of dark matter particles, are very difficult to resolve without changes to the theory. 
In this talk, I introduce the tensions on the standard cosmological model, thus indicating some possibilities of resolution and exploring in more detail the results obtained using a completely geometric approach to dark energy, i.e. studying a class of extended theories of gravity. In my analysis, I present the theoretical observational predictions of the model and constrain the parameters with an MCMC analysis using the most recent data. Finally, I show that this model can describe the current cosmological observations, allowing for a relax of tensions and implying an interesting behavior of evolution of the universe.
Data: 01/07/2019