Connecting Neutrino Physics with Dark Matter

Il giorno 6 Novembre 2019, alle ore 15:00, in aula 1G09 
Il Dott. Marco Chianese 
terrà un seminario dal titolo:
"Connecting Neutrino Physics with Dark Matter"
There exist two unequivocal signatures of physics beyond the Standard Model: a non-zero mass for active neutrinos due to neutrino oscillations and the existence of dark matter in our Universe according to several astrophysical and cosmological measurements. Even though neutrino and dark sectors might be independent from each other, they can be interestingly related to the same new physics. In this talk, after reviewing our current knowledge on neutrinos and dark matter, I discuss two minimal and realistic models that exhibit a connection between the two sectors and accommodate heavy dark matter particles with a mass larger than TeV energy scale. In particular, in one scenario neutrinos drive the production of heavy dark matter particles in the early Universe. In the other, they are the main messenger to indirectly study dark matter properties by exploiting neutrino telescopes data. Hence, to investigate the allowed regions in the parameter space of the two models, I solve the Boltzmann equations for dark matter particles considering the freeze-in production mechanism.
Data: 06/11/2019