The Ph.D. Program on "Quantum Technologies" aims at promoting a novel scientific awareness based on interdisciplinary skills useful to the development of quantum devices and technologies. 

The PhD program and courses intend to cover different quantum platforms, building on complementary expertise ranging from physical sciences to chemistry, engineering and informatics. It will cover quantum computation, quantum communication, quantum simulation, quantum sensors and metrology with some focus on quantum interfaces and couplers for integrated hybrid quantum devices. The underlying concept is to show that the "whole", i.e. an integrated quantum device, can be better than the sum of its ingredients. Only a smart combination of different platforms can provide transformational solutions, useful for a variety of quantum applications.

Partners are currently the University of Napoli Federico II, the National Council of Research (CNR) and the University of Camerino. Other prestigious Universities are planning to join next year.

As concern the scientific activities of the PhD program, give please a glance to the website

Courses will be held in Napoli, Firenze and Camerino on the following topics: Fundamental of Quantum Mechanics; Quantum information; Quantum optomechanics, Quantum gases; Superconductivity; Superconducting quantum devices and circuits, Qubits and transmons; Quantum Memories and interfaces; Photonic systems for quantum communications; Quantum simulations through photonic technologies; Analysis, optimization and control of electromagnetic circuits and systems; Atomic interferometry; Quantum measurements and sensor in the Heisenberg limit; Quantum simulations; Generation and characterization of quantum optical states; Quantum information transmission protocols; Integrated Sources of single photons; Quantum control of single or ensembles of impurities; Quantum sensors based on ultracold atoms.

General information about the PhD programs at the University of Naples Federico II are available at this link.


Prof. Giovanni Piero Pepe  (coordinator)

Sig. Guido Celentano (secretary)


Most recent call

The call for admission to the 40th cycle of the PhD in Quantum Technologies

has been published  on May 31st, 2024.


The deadline for submitting applications

– which will be carried out exclusively electronically –

is set for July 1st, 2024 (at 12.00 am, CEST)


The text of the announcement and its attachment, as well as the guidelines for proceeding with the filling and forwarding of the applications (it is recommended to carefully read all these documents) are available at the link

Those already in possession of a master's/specialist degree, or able to obtain this academic qualification (or equivalent diploma) by 31 October 2024 will be admitted to the doctorate.

The selection will include the evaluation of qualifications and a research project / statement of purpose followed - for those who have successfully passed this first phase of the selection - by an oral test.