Data Science and Astrophysics


Il giorno Giovedì 18 Giugno 2020, dalle ore 15.00 alle ore 16.00, il Prof. Giuseppe LONGO terrà un seminario intitolato:

"Data Science and Astrophysics"

Il seminario sarà telematico e andrà in onda sulla piattaforma Microsoft Teams, al Team "Seminari Fisica" raggiungibile qui



The new generation of astronomical instruments and detectors has pushed astronomy into the big data era. In the coming years instruments such as the EUCLID satellite, the LArge Synoptic Survey Telescope, and the Square Kilometer Arrays will produce data streams of unprecedented size, well beyond what has been experienced in any other field of activity (not only in science). This avalanche of data cannot be dealt with traditional software and calls for a widespread adoption of Machine learning based methods. The seminar will explain why this new approach not only improves upon previous results but also paves the way to the discovery of new phenomena and of processes of unprecedented complexity. In doing so, I will shortly summarise also the results obtained by several international collaborations (to which the Napoli Group belongs) in several problems: from photometric redshifts to outliers detection, to early time classification of Supernovae.

Data: 18/06/2020