The Quantum Internet: the quest for a network-paradigm shift

We are glad to announce the next Quantum Science and Technology Seminar
Title: The Quantum Internet: the quest for a network-paradigm shift 
Speaker: Angela Sara Cacciapuoti  (University of Naples Federico II)
Time/Place : Tuesday 12th April 2022 at 11:30 in Aula Caianiello - Department of Physics - Federico II
Online participation available via MS Teams at this link  - IMPORTANT: In case your access is denied, log out from your institutional account and, after clicking on this link, open MS Teams in your web browser.
Internet just turned 50: five decades that shaped the world we live in. Indeed, Internet itself evolved astonishingly since the beginning, from a network prototype consisting of a few static nodes in the early days to a leviathan interconnecting with billions of devices half of the world's population. But the dawn of the engineering phase of quantum technologies is challenging Internet's fundamental assumptions. Quantum devices demand for communication primitives -- namely, the ability to distribute entangled states and to transmit quantum information -- governed by the laws of quantum mechanics. Hence, principles and phenomena with no counterpart in classical networks require a major network-paradigm shift to harness the quantum mechanics specificities. This seminar aims at shedding light on the challenges and the open problems arising with the design of a protocol stack for the Quantum Internet.
The seminar is proposed by P. Lucignano, D. Montemurro, D. Massarotti, V. D'Ambrosio, F. Cardano and M. Esposito, as part of an initiative to present recent progress in the context of quantum sciences and technologies. A complete list of the past and upcoming seminars can be found here
Data: 12/04/2022