ERASMUS incoming student webpage

The Physics Department  is currently the largest Physics Department in Italy, with more than 120 academic staff members and about 80 post-doc and Ph.D. students, covering all of the main Physics research fields. The Department goal is the development of scientific culture and the academic training up to the Ph.D. level

The Department contact person for the Erasmus programme is : Prof. Maurizio Paolillo
If you cannot find the information you need below, please contact him for any question related to the Erasmus program.
What you should know before arriving:
For general information about the ERASMUS program for Incoming students, please refer to the International Relationship Office website.
There you will find information about:

Classes and programs:

The Physics Department hosts 3 Physics courses:

  • 1st level Physics (Laurea Triennale in Fisica) is the basic physics program lasting 3 years; basic physics, math and lab classes are thought within this program.
  • 2nd level Physics (Laurea Magistrale in Fisica) is the advanced program for students that already obtained their 1st level degree; it allows students to specialise in specific fields choosing among several different curricula; advanced classes are thought within this program.
  • 1st level Optics and Optometry (Laurea Triennale in Ottica ed Optometria) is a program lasting 3 years allowing to specialise in Optics and Optometry, designed to prepare the students for professional activities in these fields.
  • A PhD program in Theoretical and Applied Physics.
Incoming students can find information about the classes that they can attend in the webpages of each program. At the moment these pages are in Italian but the information relevant to foreign students can be found in the following documents of each website: 
  • Elenco dei docenti, insegnamenti e programmi (list of teachers, classes and teaching programs): here you'll find links to the content of each active course. For additional information you can contact the professor in charge of the class.
  • Guida dello Studente (Student Guide): this is the main document illustrating the structure of the Physics program, the list of classes, the semester of each class and the number of credits (CFU). Although the document is in Italian the main tables describing the classes, the semesters and the beginning and end of each semester should be easy to understand.
For any other information please contact either the Professor in charge of the specific exchange with your University (see the list here: Scambi attivati), or  the Erasmus Department coordinator Prof. Maurizio Paolillo.